Server upgrades and network changes

Posted 2016-11-21 01:00:31.112122

So a couple of things have/will happen over the next week:

Upgrades of servers and services

Some servers are scheduled for upgrades and as such will lead to service interruptions in the network. This should be mostly done already at the time of this writing but there may be things left that we've forgotten.

This mostly means that services and BlackBox can split occationally while we work on those hosts. will be decommissioned

Following some changes with hosting providers and such, this host will be decommissioned hopefully by the end of the month. This marks the end of our first and for the moment last server located in America. A new server hosted in Germany will be introduced to replace this server.

The server list in the Connecting to ChatNode! KB article will be kept up to date following changes to the available servers and round-robins.

Network rerouting

The network topology will slowly but surely be redone in order to reduce latency and increase availability. We've already swapped out one of the hubs, but we'll see what other changes that will be made.

Network rerouting will result in the rare netsplit while we redeploy configs, but the splits should be brief and the changes shouldn't impose any more issues than those mentioned here.

The entrance of a website

Posted 2014-11-22 16:26:59.469829

Well it's more or less time for us to actually do something with our main domain, so we might as well get started. For the moment there won't be that much here, but we'll try to keep it updated with relevant news. For the young'uns out there we'll also work on a knowledge base that will contain info about how to use IRC, and specific info about our network like modes, help with services and such.

The site is still under development, but you're free to contribute if you feel like.

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